About The Journals

Checking in with your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis is important for personal growth. If you aren’t sure where you stand, how can you possibly move forward and grow? Journaling is a great way to examine your feelings, your patterns in mood and emotions, and your progress toward achieving your goals.

The questions in this journal will allow you to focus on positivity, kindness, and productivity. Each question should reveal if you got the most out of your day, practiced gratitude, and concentrated on the positive side of things.

If you didn’t, they will encourage you to try again tomorrow.

The Original

The one that started it all. 
It's the basic first place to start if you're curious about these journals.

Free Spirit Edition

The second edition of the journal.
This one focuses on intuition, self-care, kindness, and focusing on the beautiful.

Fitness Edition

This edition of the journal focuses on fitness.
Record your workouts, track your consistency, and celebrate your successes.

Author Edition

This edition is perfect for writers.
Track word counts, plan out projects, and hit your goals with this journal.

Mothers Edition

This edition is for the mothers out there.
Use this journal to work on self-care, positive family time, and personal goals.

Teachers Edition

This one is the teachers edition.
Perfect for educators who need to focus on self-care and personal goals throughout their career.

Meditation Edition

If you meditate (or want to), this one's for you.
Answer questions about your meditation sessions to track habits and patterns.

Love Edition

This one is all about L-O-V-E.
Focus on using love for positive, kind, and productive ways with this journal.

Five Essentials Edition

This one covers the five essentials: water, food, exercise, sleep, and sunshine.
Record how well you're doing with all five of these things daily in this journal.

Readers Edition

This edition is for the readers.
Track books read, lessons learned, and progress on other goals in this journal.

Teens Edition

Teens can benefit from these journals too.
They can record school details, keep track of the good things, and practice gratitude.

College Edition

College students, there's an edition just for you.
Keep track of assignments, personal goals, and upcoming professional goals.

Marriage Edition

This one is great for women in marriages or long-term relationships.
It allows for focus on individual goals and self-care as well as relationship growth.

Dating Edition

A journal for anyone navigating through the dating world.
Track romantic progress, stay positive, and focus on goals and gratitude with this edition.
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Dreams Edition

A journal for anyone wishing to dive deep into their dreams.
Record what you dreamt, discover their meanings, and track patterns or revelations.

Yoga Edition

This journal is for the yogis and yoginis out there.
Describe your daily practices, track patterns, and plan your following day's practice with gratitude.
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Bride-To-Be Edition

Plan your upcoming wedding with positivity and productivity!
The perfect gift for brides, this journal helps the planning go smoothly and happily.
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Runners Edition

Track your runs, your distance, and your progress with this journal!
You won't forget self-care or how far you've come when you keep track of your sessions.
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Steppers Edition

Track your walks, your distance, and your progress with this journal!
You won't forget self-care or how far you've come when you keep track of your sessions.
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Bloggers Edition

If you're a blogger, you won't want to miss this one.
Track posts, ideas, and social media/other blogging work all in one place to hit your goals.
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Creatives Edition

This one is for all the artists and creative people out there.
Describe your projects, hit your goals, and keep track of mood/self-care with this journal.
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Coming Soon!
Faith Edition
Empath/HSP Edition
Grieving Edition
Travelers Edition
Intuition Edition
Intention Edition
Day/Night Edition