Tuesday, July 10, 2018


As I write these words about how crucial routine can be, it's important for you to know that I've somewhat abandoned it these past two weeks. That's because my schedule (and workload) changed, so I'm trying to find a new one, though it won't be permanent because my schedule (and workload) will change again after next week. So I'm flailing about, just trying to get things done in some kind of a routine.

Which is the perfect time to tell you why one is so important. *wink*

Last week, we talked about resistance. And that bleeds into today's post about routine because a lot of you might be resisting routine (like I usually am). Today, I wouldn't say I'm actively resisting it, but I sure am not participating in it very well. I have a vague whisper of a routine, sure. I wake up (sometimes in time to get a long walk in), my husband heads off to work, I cut a watermelon open to eat, and then I get to work. Work time is until my husband gets home from work, so that's where the vague part of the routine comes in. Then we do dinner and chill for the night.

But work time needs a better routine. And so does the morning.

A morning routine sets the tone for the day. If you wake up late and feel rushed, chances are the rest of the day will feel the same way. But, if you wake up earlier and have time to quietly spend your morning doing things you love - things that set the tone for calmness and peace - you'll probably have a different day.

That's not the day I'm having today. Just to be clear.

Today, I woke up too late (just like yesterday) for my walk. Which also means I ended up not doing the other things I love to do (meditation, tea with my goddess cards) because those come before my walk. I threw my whole routine out the window just because I missed part of it. Then, by the time I got to work (which is right now), I'm feeling out of it and not ready.

Sure, some might argue that's because I have a routine in the first place. If I didn't have that routine, I wouldn't have felt like a failure. I wouldn't have felt like I'd missed out and then given up instead. But I'd argue that the routine isn't the problem. The problem isn't that I have a routine and didn't wake up early enough to do it. The problem isn't that a routine puts us in a box and keeps us rigid.

The problem is always me. 

Having a routine doesn't mean we HAVE to follow it to the letter every day. You should still be flexible with your time and what you do with it. And that flexibility can still be part of a routine. That's where I've been struggling lately. So the routine is never the problem. We are.

If you're never making time for the routine, figure out why. If your routine is making you stressed, change it up. If your routine is too long, shorten it. If your routine isn't helping you, explore what will instead. Your routine should work FOR you. Help you. A morning routine should get you amped for the day. A work routine should get you in the spirit of productivity. So what can you do to amplify your life as far as a routine goes?

Do you have a routine? Do you feel like it helps you?

Some of my favorite routine items are meditation, walks around my neighborhood, journaling, organizing my day, prepping snacks, a golden milk latte during a writing session, Focusmate meetings, and gratitude cultivation. Yours can be whatever work for you: budget review, meal prepping, exercise, showering, to-do lists, reading, etc. Maybe a bedtime routine is more your thing: brushing, flossing, meditation, prayer, and/or reading. These routines can get you set up for your day, for your work, and for your sleep. So use them to your advantage.

Let me know in the comments what kind of routine things you do and how they help you. Rituals can truly set the mood, and if that helps, do it! By all means, do what you can do to make your life spectacular. Know that you'll have "bad" days and times when the routines don't work out or come to fruition very well. But also know that you'll have great days where the routines come naturally and really help you. And it can take time to build the "perfect" routine, though be aware when something truly isn't working and you need to switch it up. All in all, you got this. :)

Vibe high, friends.

PS - Speaking of routine... I have a brand-new journal out today, and it's more of a workbook. It's the Morning Routine edition, which I'm really proud to share with you. It took a lot of work to put together, way more than my other journals. So I hope you enjoy it! I'm going to start doing some live videos with it over on my Mickey Reed FB page, so be sure to "like" that page so we can build a morning routine together! See you there!


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