Tuesday, July 3, 2018


This is the perfect time to talk about this topic because I'm feeling it. To be honest, I'm almost always feeling it. And if you're anything like me, you're probably feeling it about something too. Maybe it's getting those dishes done. Or it's finishing that project you started a month ago. It could be that you're feeling it toward starting something new or making a decision. It could be something small or something big. It doesn't matter. Resistance is resistance, and there's a reason we feel it.

So let's dive in. Shall we?

Lately, I've been resisting a lot of things. Most of all, I've been resisting things that make sense to do. Things like discipline with my work schedule, yoga for my flexibility, and forgiveness for my guilt. Things like a more consistent morning ritual and a better nighttime routine. Things like more journaling, more communication, and more letting go.

You know. Things that would make my life better if I would give them a shot. 

I know that discipline would help me get my work done in a more timely manner, but it feels so restrictive. I know that yoga would be great for my body and my flexibility (as well as my spiritual practice), but it feels like really hard work to become more flexible. I know that forgiveness should be part of my regular routine, but it feels like I'll repeat mistakes if I do that. I know that all of these things should be in my life, but it feels... Blah, blah, blah.

I realize I'm resisting things that are good for me. So I eventually stop resisting. And, when I give in, I find that these things aren't that tough. They're not the things I feared them to be. Those were just the stories I was telling myself.

As soon as I stop resisting, I find exactly what I needed.

Once I stopped resisting discipline, I found the time for exercise. When I found the time for exercise, I allowed myself to forgive my past mistakes. In doing that, I discovered more drive to stay disciplined and focus on my goals. It's so strange how resistance can keep you from the things you truly need. And as soon as I gave resistance up, my life felt so much clearer. So much more like my own.

So why do we do this? Why do we resist the things we should do? It's because our brains do everything they need to do in order to make sure you don't fail. Which means they make sure we don't even try in most cases. If we try, we might fail. And failure isn't an option. So we trick ourselves into avoiding the things we should do and label it as resistance. It's so much easier not to try anyway, isn't it?

No. No, it's actually not.

It's much harder to keep resisting. It's a lot of work to keep going out of your way to avoid something. It takes a lot of effort to continually think about the things you don't want to do but should. It sucks up so much of your mental energy as you resist doing those things that you barely have the energy to do what you need to do. The more we push against, the worse we feel.

So just stop. 

Give those things you're resisting a chance. There's a reason why they keep popping into your mind. You're thinking about these things because they probably belong in your life. If they sound constructive and useful and you don't want to do them, I say stop resisting and give them a shot. I'm working to add the other things I've been resisting to my life, so I'll report back later on how they go. For now, I'm really glad I've stopped resisting.

Discipline wasn't restricting. It's actually given me much more freedom with my time. Yoga is hard work, but that's the point. It's worth the process to gain everything you get from working through it. And forgiveness doesn't mean I'll keep making the same mistakes. It means learning from what I need to forgive and moving on so I can move forward with my life instead of staying stuck in the past.

The things you're resisting are good for you. Allow them into your life.

Give them a shot. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it. Those things you're avoiding are just the things that'll jumpstart your productivity, your health, and/or your healing. Stop putting things off and start exploring those things. I doubt you'll regret at least trying (as long as these things will actually lead to something good). Because you'll at least know if it works if you give it a real shot.

You may find new resistance (as I am with discipline), but that's likely your brain telling you that it doesn't want to fail so you should stop. It's hard to figure out the real meaning of things if we're spending so much time pushing things down. So allow these things to rise to the top so you can pinpoint what's really going on. Then enjoy the process! Life is meant to be fun, so don't make yourself miserable by resisting the things that'll end up making your life easier.

Vibe high, friends.

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