Friday, April 20, 2018

Freebie Friday - Weekly Roundup

It's still Friday in my neck of the woods, so I'm not technically late! I don't know where this week went, honestly. And I'm still trying to get my feet under me when it comes to this blog. Tuesdays are my normal days, and I think every other Friday will be Freebie Friday so I don't run out of material. Haha. :) But, without further ado, let me introduce you to today's free printable. The weekly roundup!

My favorite thing about this printable is that it helps me remember and celebrate my successes - something I'm not that great at! I forget all the things I've accomplished when I'm struggling to finish my to-do list and getting frustrated about it. I have to keep in mind everything I've already done to give myself a little boost of confidence to get the next thing crossed off my to-do list. Then this allows me to write out all the things I need to do for the week coming up so I stay organized. This sheet really makes me happy all around. :) Per usual, I have both versions available (the Daily Q&A version above and the Fruit So Hard version below), so take your pick!

How to use: I tend to do this on Sunday evenings to recap the previous week and then set the next week up for success. Failing to plan = planning to fail and all that. :) So in the "already nailed it" column, I write down everything I accomplished the previous 7 days. Then, in the "gonna do it" column, I write down everything I plan to accomplish in the next 7 days. It's a great reminder to keep you on task, and you can always add to it throughout the week if needed.

How to download: Click right here for the Daily Q&A version and right here for the Fruit So Hard version. These links will take you to the PDF file you can download and print.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below or contact me directly. I'm happy to help! Have a great weekend and vibe high, friends!



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