Tuesday, April 24, 2018


No, I'm not necessarily talking about body flexibility, though that's helpful. Yoga's a big help with that, and if I'd be more consistent with it, I'm sure I'd be more flexible in that area of my life too.

But I'm talking about being flexible with life. Life flexibility. Because generally, when we make plans, the universe likes to laugh in the face of said plans and show us another way to do things. Maybe you haven't experienced that (or realized you've experienced that), but I sure have. Tons of times.

The most recent and most memorable time was at the beginning of this year. Back in October, I made HUGE plans to kill it this year with my Eliza Boyd pen name (along with my Mickey Reed name, of course - and a pen name I don't talk about). HUGE plans, I tell you. I predicted what kind of time I'd have available to write. I made schedules and wrote out what books I'd be writing when, which journals I'd be publishing when, and what titles would publish when. FOR THE WHOLE YEAR, Y'ALL.

Everything was mapped out. 

But, as you can guess from the beginning of this post, that isn't at all how it went. 

See, I didn't account for LIFE. I didn't account for emotions, for hiccups and bumps in the road, for getting used to a MAJOR life change in my home. I thought I had, but I really hadn't, and the universe totally smacked me upside the head for deigning to think I could.

I had no idea how I would react to having my stepson come live with us, even though I thought I did. I had no idea what it would take to get used to new energy in my home. I had no idea how little editing work I'd have and how that lack of income would affect me. To be fair, I didn't WANT the editing work, so there's that too. But that's the point here.

We have to be flexible with our plans!

I told the universe what I wanted, planned on how I'd feel when I got what I'd asked for, and then fell right the heck on my face afterward. Granted, it was a mixture of things, not just because I'd gotten what I'd asked for. Though it can be argued that we always get what we ask for - we have to pay attention to the way we speak to ourselves and others, even when we're the only ones listening. Which is a topic for another day.

This year has not been what I thought it'd be. Not at all. But is that bad? Nope. Not one bit. Because it's taught me this huge lesson I so badly needed to learn: flexibility.

Nope, I haven't killed it with my Eliza Boyd pen name. I've tried writing some things for her, but not much is coming out these days. I have two written, so I'd like to have a third and fourth ready to go by the end of the year so I'm ready to get going on those. So I'm hoping next year is the launch of that series I wanted to put out this year. And that's okay! I'm going to spend this year figuring out a new plan and how to better manifest what I'm planning on doing.

Because I'm flexible now, yo. 

I've kinda killed it with Mickey Reed, haven't I? I've been publishing a journal nearly every week, even though the goal was only every other. I find that Amazon does a better job at selling my journals if I keep up with a weekly publishing schedule, so I'm staying flexible in that regard to sell more books without paying for ads, etc. And I've started this blog, designed printables, and created a Facebook group where I'll host challenges (like the May Gratitude Challenge I'll announce soon!), so be sure to check it out!

I'm also kinda killing it on my other pen name too. I won't get into too many details, but I've published over five titles since the February with plans to publish at least eight more by the end of the year. The only thing that's in my way on this one is me, seeing as most of these titles are written and ready to go. And I already have at least two full books ready for editing for 2019. So...boom!

And if I put the book stuff aside, I can talk about how I've killed it with my food blog too, which isn't at all what I was expecting to do. I've been at best severely inconsistent with it since I started it in 2013. But, since I found myself with a lack of brain cells to write with, I've been working steadily on making it not only consistent but also a future source of income. I've released a new recipe every Monday and Friday (and most Wednesdays) since the end of January and I published a cookbook (which you can get for freeeeee on my website!) with some exclusive recipes in it.

So yeah. I'm killing it. You're killing it. 

We're all doing just fine. Even if it's not where you planned to be.

So stay flexible, y'all. Even with your most carefully thought-out plans, you have to have some flexibility for life. Because life happens! When we're busy, when we're not paying attention, when we're too blinded by the plans we put in place - life is happening. So let it! Because being flexible with what the universe gives us is a way to keep stress low and accept unlimited possibilities of greatness. You truly never know what's around the corner, so be flexible when a roadblock pops up. It might not even be a roadblock.

It might be your next great success.

PS - Speaking of asking the universe for things... Isn't that what prayer is? Having faith is a form of being flexible. When we have faith and trust the universe, we're allowing flexibility for whatever comes into our lives. So keep track of how you find faith, what you have faith in, and what you're praying for with the Faith Edition journal that published today.

I hope everyone has an amazing day and week. Sending love. Big hugs. Vibe high!


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